Warm up your Valentine's Day with Tequila

January 30, 2019

Warm up your Valentine's Day with Tequila

What does Tequila have to do with Valentine’s Day?

We say- what doesn’t it??

This magic juice can be a fertility booster, an aphrodisiac, a bit of liquid courage, or a painkiller-- sounds like we got this Holiday covered.  

Fertility and Aphrodisiac:

History tells many tales of the added benefits of drinking tequila, but none are more fabled than the history of  Pulque, the ancient ancestor of what we now know to be Tequila. Dating back to 300AD, Pulque is the fermented sap of the Maguey agave plant. Maguey was worshipped by the Aztecs for a number of reasons, but one was it’s use as a fertility enhancer, and the other was as an aphrodisiac- a true Gift from the Gods. If you are interested in learning more about the legend (starring an angry goddess, a flying serpent, and a damsel in distress); click here to read the full history written by The Tales of the Cocktail:

Putting your best foot forward:

But Tequila’s Valentine’s Day powers don’t stop there. If you associate Tequila nights with “liquid courage” well, there is a reason for that too. While we will never encourage shooting this stuff, a drink or two enjoyed slowly, will still add a little pep in your step. While most alcohols are considered to be depressants, tequila (the good stuff, not the mixtos) is not. Agave is a simple sugar, it can be broken down easily, but still has the kick of a stimulant. So sip a little, and see what magic might happen!

Numbing the Pain:

If Valentine’s Day has you licking old wounds instead of buying flowers, Tequila also is known to be a painkiller, though we don’t reccommend drinking any alcohol in excess if you are in a fragile emotional state… we’ve all seen this happen to people, and it isn’t pretty. That said, Tequila has been shown to dilate your blood vessels which increases blood flow and reduces pain. Some people suggest this for anything from earaches, to toothaches, and even sore throats. It is alcohol after all, which has the ability to sterilize things and kill some bacteria. Worst case scenario, some doctors say that one ounce of tequila may simply help you fall asleep, without that jolt you get at 2am from other alcohols-  due to its sugar composition.

No matter how you celebrate this year, we hope you fall a little more in love with Tequila in the process.