Gran Dovejo Cask Strength Single Barrel Anejo

About the brand

Gran Dovejo is a special set of highland Tequilas focused on pristine distillation principles resulting in high clarity and depth of flavor by Master Distiller Sergio Cruz and the Feliciano Vivianco Family. Blue agaves are grown in the acidic, iron rich soil of the golden triangle of the highlands and processed through unconventional methods including the use of both champagne and wild yeast in fermentation. Learn more about Gran Dovejo Tequila here.

Why we love this Tequila

  • Aged for 41 months (technically an Extra Añejo)
  • Wonderful aromatics highlighting both the agave and barrels used for aging
  • Fermented using a combination of “Prise de Mousse” champagne and wild yeast
  • Made by Master Distiller Sergio Cruz, an up and coming sensation in the Tequila world
  • Verified Additive Free by Tequila Matchmaker
  • 750ml / 41.9% ABV *42%*

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Toasted oak, agave and baking spice, hints of dried fruit, but minimal sweetness

Palate: Soft sweetness, notes of toffee and vanilla, rounded out with light oak and soft pepper. Minimal heat


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