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Tequila 101 Flight for Agave Purists

Why we love this Tequila Flight

For the agave purists looking to explore a range of agave flavors from revered producers, we bring together Wild Common blanco, El Tequileño reposado, and Ocho añejo in this Agave Aficionado flight.  Line them up side by side and experience them in a flight format or use this as a way to stock up your bar cart with classic flavors sure to be enjoyed by you and your guests. 

Wild Common Blanco

Aroma: strong cooked agave, wildflower honey, baked bread, fresh apricots, mandarins, peppercorn

Palate: cooked agave, deep minerality, savory herbs, sweet limes, bright white pepper spice, stone fruits

Finish: lasting and ever evolving salinity and citrus notes

El Tequileño Reposado Gran Reserva

Aroma: honey, bruleed sugar, oak, warm grass, red apple

Palate: creamy, caramelized agave, raw cocoa, vanilla, slight florality,  light oak

Finish: soft, silky remnants of agave and drying heat

Ocho Añejo *vintage may vary - please 

Aroma: vanilla, toasted almonds, caramel, freshly split timber, dry roasted chiles

Palate: roasted agave, sweet potato, dried fruits, honey butter, cinnamon, clove

Finish: a dry approach with notes of cacao and cedar that warm and mellow to feelings of melting milk chocolate and silky custard pies

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