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Founders Release Cask Collection

Founders Release Pre-Order

For a limited time, Sip Tequila will be offering a small lot of Founder’s Casks which are currently aging what we believe to be one of the finest Tequilas in the world.  These casks will be made available to a few dozen tequila aficionados -- and those who choose the 20L option will also become eligible for equity ownership in this boutique distillery.

The Tequila in these casks are from 2010 and 2011 vintages, aged in both French and American Oak used California red wine barrels. This tequila is now being flashed aged in new medium-charred American Oak barrels, bringing a fresh woody nose, a soft maple and vanilla taste, and smooth but clean finish that will set this tequila apart from anything you’ve tasted in the past.  

The product will arrive in custom collector’s edition bottles for you to use as they are or easily transfer back into the beautifully branded cask and stand for display on any bar top or common area, creating not only a conversation piece, but a reusable vessel allowing multiple aging alternatives for tequilas, wines, bourbons, whiskeys - or a combination over time.

It's craft Tequila, in your home or bar, at its best.

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