Tequila Ocho 8/8/8 Extra Anejo

  • Like all of our Tequila Ocho expressions, this Extra Añejo was created by Carlos Camarena and Tomas Estes at NOM #1474
  • It is limited to just 1000 bottles in the US
  • It hails from a single vintage reflecting the first launch date of Tequila Ocho in the US- 8/8/2008 and a single estate, Rancho El Carrizal, near Arandas
  •  It has been aged for 8 years, 8 months in used bourbon barrels
  • Has a high ABV of 48.8% (97.6 proof)


Aroma: Orange blossom, apricot and white flowers with a hint of caramel

Palate: Rich Agave, oak- though less toasted than other vintages, oranges, mint, and baking spices with some heat from the higher proof evident; though it does not present as "too hot"

Finish: Straw, cinnamon, candied walnuts- citrusy vs sweet finish with staying power. Nicely done, but not overdone


Why “Ocho” ? (that’s eight in English)

  • This tequila is made from the eighth sample created by the Camarenas for Tomas Estes.
  • It takes an average of eight years for the agaves to ripen before being harvested.
  • It takes about eight kilograms of agave to make one liter of Ocho tequila – very high versus industry average
  • It takes eight days from when the agaves reach the patio at the distillery until it becomes blanco (unaged) tequila.
  • Carlos Camarena has eight brothers and sisters.
  • The Camarenas are in their eighth decade of producing tequila.
  • Ocho Reposado is aged for 8 weeks and 8 days.



Tequila Ocho is made by Carlos Camarena, a third generation Tequilero, in partnership with Tomas Estes. This dynamic partnership delivers heritage and tradition, coupled with innovation. Carlos and Tomas produce tequila that is made slowly in an artisanal way. The result is a fine quality spirit that accentuates the agave flavour. It is concentrated and complex while remaining balanced and easy to drink.


Tequila Ocho demonstrates that “terroir” exists in agave. Ocho’s single estates show through their distinct aroma and character. Tequila Ocho opens up and develops in the glass the same way a fine wine does.


Ocho is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the agave was harvested as is done with fine wines. Each estate, or “rancho” produces a limited amount of agave, each vintage of Ocho is both rare and collectable.

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