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Taste Profile
This unique process results in a natural, 'clean' sweetness, refined oaky nose and unprecedented smooth finish.
Clean and balanced flavor, with complicated layers of vanilla, warm brown spice, cooked agave, creme brûlée, oak and maple.


Master Distiller: Alberto Partida 
Alberto Partida, Compoveda’s Master Distiller, is a 5th generation tequileiro and literally has agave in his blood. Alberto worked with Chris and Keith to find a perfect balance of the color and smoothness that #1477 is known for, along with a unique oaky nose and clean finish that help Compoveda appeal to brown spirit lovers and tequila aficionados alike

The Founders
Chris Barbin and Keith Antoon are more than Founders, they are family. Over the past 10 years, Chris fell in love with tequila during his travels to Mexico for business, vacation and volunteer work. A husband, father, and entrepreneur, Chris began to search for a product and a family-run distillery that he believed in. Chris quickly realized this was not an easy task, and pulled in Keith, who was also a husband, father, and entrepreneur to help in in the search. After years of tasting tequilas and visiting distilleries around Jalisco, they found NOM #1477 and began to create Compoveda (released December 2018 in the US). PIC OF THE GUYS

Compoveda has partnered with Isla Urbana, a NGO dedicated to bringing rainwater harvesting systems to needy communities in Mexico. $5 from every bottle sold goes directly towards the purchase and installation of residential and school-sized rainwater harvesting systems, allowing our farmers and their families a sustainable, clean source of water. >> CHARITY LOGO + DONATE NOW BUTTON