• This is not your ordinary cheese pairing, we realize. You’re probably wondering, “What are they thinking?!” Tequila isn’t wine. There’s no grand history of pairing cheese and tequila together. But we would never steer you wrong – the notes of tequila, from floral to caramel sweet, make a perfect pairing to some of the world of elegant cheeses 
    1. Blanco: Can pair with sharp cheeses and even spice cheeses allowing the flavors to work together; imagine a margarita and a quesadilla... this is a no brainer. 
    2. Reposado: Pairs with slightly more pungent cheese; manchego, brie or even some goudas will work with this approachable tequila
    3. Anejo: Annalies has sweet flavors of roasted hazelnut and alpine grasses, the undertones of butterscotch and cocoa enable it to stand up to an Anejo without overtaking it.
    4. Extra Anejo: Rather than another cheese with sweet flavors, try a Stichelton Blue Cheese. Its soft, creamy texture marries with the thickness of an Extra Anejo, while the soft caramel notes you get as it melts away tie back to the sweetness of the tequila

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