G4 Blanco 12B

G4 Blanco 12B



Created by Felipe Camarena at Destilería El Pandillo, this batch of G4 blanco took a slight detour from the standard blanco by fermenting in pine vats instead of the standard stainless steel tanks. The result is a creamier profile with punchy notes of citrus that stand in place of the peppery notes you’ll find in the original. Only 1100 cases of lot 12b were exported to the states and we expect it to sell through quickly, so if you’re looking for that next treasure bottle for your collection, it’s best to purchase now!

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Aroma: signature El Pandillo cooked agave notes, bright citrus, pinene
Palate: coating mineral forward mouthfeel lead by citrus peel and fresh squeezed lemon flavors, creamy backbone of agave sweetness and hints of cinnamon
Finish: creamy, lasting

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