Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Mezcal Joven


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Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Mezcal Joven:
Why we love this brand:
  • This Mezcal from Gran Reserva de Don Alberto, and Master Distiller, Alberto Partida, comes from a family that has been dedicated to the art of making agave spirits for over 100 years.
  • This Joven, or unaged Mezcal, is a great step into the world of Mezcal with faint smoke balanced by softer flavors, making it a go-to for sipping or cocktails alike. 
Aroma: Green agave, fennel, celery, meyer lemon, and mesquite
Taste: Mesquite smoke, honeycomb, spearmint, green apple, slate, white pepper
Finish: Clean, bright mouthfeel with notes of green agave and a crisp finish. The smoke lingers followed by hints of grapefruit and lime
  • NOM #1477
  • 40% ABV

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