How to Sip Tequila

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How to Sip Tequila

When you’re sipping a premium tequila, there are four key steps to take:

1 - Proper Tasting Glass : Make sure you’re giving the tequila the respect it deserves. We always suggest a fluted tasting glass or a well made, flat bottomed rocks glass, never a shot glass!

2 - Waft for the Aromas : Tequilas are generally bottled at 40% alcohol, thats a whole lot more than wine so don’t stick your nose in the glass and take a big inhale! You’ll get a headache instead of the aromas you’re looking for! Instead, keep your mouth open slightly, and waft the opening of the glass back and forth under the tip of your nose as you inhale slightly. What do you smell? Caramel? Agave? Spices? Mmmm.

3 - Taste : Your tongue, gums, cheeks, and the rest of your mouth isn’t used to tasting something at 80 proof throughout the day so they best way to get it ready to truly enjoy a sipping tequila is to prepare it first. Take a small sip, let it slowly wash over the entirety of your mouth, but don’t focus on the flavors, this is just a rinse.

4 - Taste Again : After you’ve swallowed that sip, go in for another and you’ll notice how the tequila has softened and more complex flavors are more noticeable already! Not sure what you’re tasting? Consult a tasting wheel! We’re constructing our own right now that you’ll be able to refer to while you’re tasting at home.