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The Perfect Sip: Extra Anejo Tequila Pairings

Tequila Pairings

A question I often get asked at the end of a tasting featuring aged tequilas is, “Can I drink Tequila with dessert?” and as you can imagine my answer is somewhere along the lines of, “OF COURSE!” Cognacs, brandies, ports, and calvados have held the post-dinner spotlight for a very long time but we at Sip Tequila believe this is where premium tequilas can shine. 

Anejo tequilas spend a minimum of 1 year and extra anejo tequilas spend 3 years plus in oak barrels that have been charred or toasted before the tequila is added and rested. The tequila emerges often emerges having beautiful notes of roasted agave, vanilla, caramel, toasted nuts, and rich dark red fruits.

For some of our team, just a tulip glass with their favorite extra anejo tequila will suffice for dessert but for those of us who also have an undeniable sweet tooth, we prefer a bite to pair our glass with.

A bite of dark chocolate (around 70%) is a quick and easy pairing, same for a nice cool scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you’re feeling more ambitious, here are some of our favorite recipes to cook up. Don’t forget to pour yourself a little glass while you’re creating, tequila is a chef’s best friend.

Frozen Peaches with Strawberries & Mint - Bon Appetit

Classic Bananas Foster - Saveur

Churros (and Churro Bites) - Rick Bayless

Le Cirque's Crème Brûlée - Food and Wine

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