The Perfect Sip: Tequila Negroni

The Perfect Sip: Tequila Negroni

Summer is here and what better time of year for a refreshing tequila cocktail. The key to any cocktail creation is starting with a premium quality tequila, all of which are available on our Sip Tequila online store. So choose your favorite top shelf tequila brand and let’s get started on one of our favorite tequila cocktails here at Sip Tequila - the Compoveda Tequila Negroni.

- 1oz Compoveda Extra Anejo

- 1 oz Campari

- 1 oz Sweet Vermouth (we prefer Cocchi di Torino)

- Orange Wheel or Lemon Twist

Combine all liquids into a mixing glass and stir with a bar spoon for about 15 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass over a large single ice cube. Garnish with an orange wheel or lemon twist. 

And if cocktails aren’t your thing, we have a wonderful selection of the best sipping tequilas to enjoy instead. Salud from the Sip Tequila team!

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