What is a Single Barrel Tequila?

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What is a Single Barrel Tequila?

Do you get excited for single barrel Tequilas?  You should!  Single barrels are essentially a moment of time in the world of Tequila, never to be exactly replicated, or experienced again.  Let’s break down what this means, and how they’re made. 

When Tequilas are aged, and ready to be bottled, many different barrels from the rack house are blended together by the Master Distiller or Maestro Tequilero.  Each barrel ages differently depending on its position on the rack, proximity to light and heat, and the humidity available to it.  The Master pays attention to these differences and balances the larger blend with inputs from a variety of barrels.

For a Single Barrel Tequila, one barrel is selected and only the liquid from that barrel is bottled.  Not only is this a flavor adventure in Tequila land, but a time capsule.  From the agaves used for the base blanco, to the weather, to the position in the barrel house, and of course, the barrel itself, it is impossible to ever exactly recreate a Single Barrel.  So when you’re sipping, enjoy, it certainly won't last forever.

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