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The Camarena family legacy in Tequila continues with the release of Primo 1861 from the famous El Pandillo distillery.


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Primo 1861 Blanco
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─ Behind the Brand ─

About Primo 1861

The date of 1861 in the name signifies the year Pedro Camarena Ramírez was born, who went on to found the first Tequila distillery in Arandas which was lost to a fire in the Mexican Revolution. All that remains of the original distillery is the heavy stone tahona now on display at El Pandillo. Felipe Camarena, invited the great-great-grandson of Pedro to reconnect with his origins in Tequila, and thus Primo 1861 was born.

NOM: 1579 / Destileria El Pandillo
Location: Jesus Maria, Los Altos, Jalisco
Agave: Los Altos
Cooking: Stone Clay Oven
Milling: Mechanical Tahona
Fermentation: Open air stainless steel tanks and wooden tanks without fibers
Distillation: Copper Pot Stills