Meet Compoveda Tequila

Taste The Craftsmanship of Mexico’s best distillers in every sip

Four Unique Premium Expressions.

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Compoveda is Made in Partnership With 3 Renowned Master Distillers

We partnered with the best añejo, reposado, rosa, and blanco Master Distiller to give you the best flavor possible for each expression.

Sergio Cruz: A blend of chemist and artist, Sergio is deeply rooted in family and tradition in Arandas.

Alberto Partida: From the renowned Partida lineage and 6 generations of cultivating and distilling estate-grown agave.

Sixto Vera Garcia: A decade-strong master distiller, Sixto's expertise has crafted multiple tequila brands.

Meet The Family

The Four Premium Expressions

Compoveda Extra Añejo

Savor the depth of Compoveda Extra Añejo. Sip on a bold palate of vanilla, red jammy fruits, toasted oak, aromas of bourbon, and cooked agave.

Expression Highlights:

Aged 5 years in Napa Valley Cabernet barrels and finished for 1 year in new French Oak; Medium Toast

Popular amongst Whiskey drinkers

Crafted to be sipped neat or on the rocks

NOM 1477 | Master Distiller Alberto Partida


Compoveda Reposado

An elevated approach to the Reposado we all love. Taste a complex full-body pour with notes of cinnamon, caramelized agave, and baking spices.

Expression Highlights:

Aged 8 months in American oak barrels and finished for 3 months in Stag's Leap Cabernet wine barrel

Crafted to be sipped neat or on the rocks

NOM 1068 | Created by Master Distiller Sixto Vera Garcia.


Compoveda Rosa

A floral luxury tequila with a velvety long finish crafted through brief aging in red wine barrels.. Taste creamy floral notes with crisp citrus, and pops of red fruit.

Expression Highlights:

Finished for 45 days in California Cabernet Barrels

Perfect for sipping neat or making premium Margaritas and Palomas

NOM 1414 | Sergio Cruz


Compoveda Blanco

Experience a Blanco tequila unlike any other. Taste crisp and vibrant notes of minerality, sweet citrus, fresh mint, and white flowers.

Expression Highlights:

Fully matured agave from Los Altos, slow roasted in brick ovens for 48 hours

Perfect for sipping straight or making premium Margaritas & Palomas

NOM 1414 | Sergio Cruz


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4 Reasons You Will Love Compoveda

An Authentic Taste of Mexico’s Best Distillers

We worked with 3 Master Distillers to give you the best of the best flavor for each expression.

Premium Agave from The Rich Soils of Jalisco

Premium 100% Blue Weber Agave that is matured for 8-10 years, creating a rich, authentic flavor foundational to premium tequila.

Aged in Wine Barrels from Premier Napa Valley Vintners

Our expressions are aged in French and American Oak red wine barrels giving them a depth and complexity in flavor that sets them apart in the world of spirits.

A Premium Drinking Tequila Collection

An approachable, sipping tequila to be enjoyed neat or over ice. The Rosa & Blanco make a delicious Margarita or Paloma.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "The Compoveda Blanco is an absolute game-changer. It delivers an unrivaled Tequila experience that will leave you craving more. A must-have addition to any connoisseur's collection!"

    Peter M.

  • "Prepare to be spellbound by the extraordinary Compoveda Reposado. This golden-hued masterpiece showcases the craftsmanship and depth of flavor that only age can bring. A true testament to extraordinary spirits."

    Hanna G.

  • "Indulge in the magic of our exceptional Compoveda Rosa. With its enchanting flavors and captivating aromas, this Tequila is a dream come true for anyone seeking a truly memorable sipping experience."

    Tyler F.

"End to end the absolute best Tequila I have ever had. From the product, to packaging, to the service you get from the team... everything is BEST in class. Keep up the great work!"

Kevin A.

"Not only is Compoveda my FAVORITE sipping tequila it is now my go to gift for the person that has everything. They will monogram the bottle and it makes the perfect gift. Everyone I send it to orders more for themselves - that's how good it is. Smooth, rich and delicious."

Lisa L.

"I have probably tried over 50 brands and types of tequila. I found this in the Tequila Bar at Epcot. Best tequila ever. In my opinion, nothing else compares."

Lance W.

The Story Behind the Name

Compoveda gets its name from “Compartir” & “Boveda”: A blend of the Spanish words for "to share" and "private vault." Our tequilas are expressions meant to be shared, yet treasured like the secrets of a private vault.

Why Choose Compoveda?

Hand harvested 100% Blue Weber Agave that is matured 8-10 years

Cooked for 48-72 hours at low temperatures

Rested in wine barrels from premier Napa Valley vintners

Bottled, labeled, waxed, and decorated by hand

Order the full Family Collection at an unbeatable price

The Compoveda Family Collection is curated to offer you a comprehensive tequila experience. Whether you love sipping on the best of the best Tequila or you want to enjoy this with friends and family, this offer is perfect.

$359.00 $430.00

What it includes:

1 - Compoveda Blanco (750ml)

1 - Compoveda Rosa (750ml)

1 - Compoveda Reposado (750ml)

1 - Compoveda Extra Añejo (750ml)