Your Tequila Guide

Tequilas That Deserve a Spot in Your Bar Cart

Elevate your sipping experience with these must-try tequilas you should stock up on.

Wild Common + Mijenta + San Matias

Indulge in a curated collection that showcases the diversity of tequila.

What to expect:

Wild Common brings a bold and robust flavor, perfect for those who appreciate a tequila with character.

Mijenta, on the other hand, offers a smoother, more refined sip, highlighting the craftsmanship behind its production.

San Matias adds a touch of tradition and heritage, providing a well-rounded experience for both tequila novices and aficionados.


Volans + Tepozan + El Tequileño

Experience the epitome of premium tequila with this exquisite bundle.

What to expect:

Volans offers a crisp and clean profile, setting the standard for what high-quality tequila should taste like.

Tepozan introduces a unique blend of flavors, ensuring a memorable sipping experience.

El Tequileño rounds out the collection with its rich history and deep, complex notes, making this bundle a must-have for serious tequila lovers.


Solento + Volcan + Insolito

Discover the art of tequila with these three exceptional brands.

What to expect:

Solento is renowned for its organic production and smooth finish, providing a guilt-free indulgence.

Volcan brings a volcanic terroir to the table, offering a distinct taste that sets it apart from the rest.

Insolito, with its unconventional aging process, ensures a unique and intriguing flavor profile, making this bundle a journey of discovery for your palate.


Compoveda Reposado + Extra Añejo

Savor the mastery of tequila making with Compoveda’s finest.

What to expect:

The Reposado presents a delicate balance of agave and oak, providing a smooth and flavorful sip.

The Extra Añejo, aged to perfection, offers a symphony of flavors, from vanilla and spice to cooked agave and creme brûlée, ensuring a luxurious tequila experience.


Compoveda Blanco + Rosa

Embrace the versatility of tequila with these two unique expressions from Compoveda.

What to expect:

The Blanco offers a pure and unadulterated taste of agave, perfect for cocktails or sipping straight.

The Rosa, aged in red wine barrels, introduces a floral and fruity twist, providing a playful and delightful option for those looking to explore beyond the traditional.


Neta + Yola + La Luna

Celebrate the spirit of Mexico with this artisanal collection.

What to expect:

Neta, with its commitment to authenticity and quality, delivers a tequila that is both bold and complex.

Yola stands out with its female-led production and smooth, approachable profile.

La Luna brings the tradition of mezcal into the mix, offering a smoky and intriguing alternative for those looking to expand their agave horizons.