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Barrel Chars

Tequila Aging Barrel Chars
Most barrels that come to the Tequila world for aging, come from the whiskey world. Let’s take a look at what their lives were like before they’re shipped to be filled with our favorite spirit. After the barrels are formed by the cooper, they’re charred, or toasted. Charring specifically has 4 standard levels that most of the industry uses when putting the insides of the barrel to flame and they’re determined by time. A Number 1 char lasts 15 seconds. Number 2, 30 seconds. Number 3, 35-45 seconds. And a Number 4 char, or as some call it, “the alligator char” lasts for 55 seconds. Some barrels are re-charred when they find their way south to Mexico, while some producers prefer to leave them as is in their post-whiskey production glory.

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