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Barrels Used for Tequila Aging

Barrels Used for Tequila Aging
Barrels used for Tequila aging come from far and wide. And while some brands choose to make their own barrels or buy them brand new, most choose to use used barrels from other industries. Since Bourbon, Tennessee and rye whiskey barrels can only be used one time, many of them find their way down to Mexico after the initial use. But Tequileros often get creative with their aging techniques and incorporate barrels from other parts of the world.

This is an amazing aspect to the Tequila world because using barrels that impart familiar flavors from other expressions can provide a more approachable bridge to a new Tequila drinker. For example, a Jack Daniels fan might be intrigued to try a Tequila in the Partida line since they use only Jack Daniels barrels in their aging process. Or a red wine drinker might be drawn to a Compoveda Extra Añejo after discovering that this Tequila spends 5+ years resting in California red wine barrels. What is your favorite barrel aged beverage you’d love to see in the Tequila world?

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