Drink Compoveda Tequila // Help provide clean water to Rural Mexico

Drink Compoveda Tequila // Help provide clean water to Rural Mexico

While we love the bottle, the taste, and the brand on its own, one of the biggest reasons we stock and promote Compoveda Tequila is its mission to give back to their farmers and the communities around its distillery in Arenal. With so many other tequila brands looking to capture profit, it is nice to see one trying to improve Jalisco and the quality of life there.

Compoveda’s charity partner is Isla Urbana, an NGO dedicated to installing rainwater harvesting systems throughout Mexico, as a way to combat the national water crisis.

While we all know the precautions one takes on a visit to Mexico, imagine a day to day existence where regular supply of clean water was questionable. While the problem exists across urban and rural environments, the challenges that these people face are real, and getting worse.

More than 9 million Mexicans lack access to safe water

The Average Mexican family can spend up to 20% of its income on water

Pipas, or water trucks, are often the only source of water, requiring women & children to wait at home for delivery instead of attending school, or working

Many low income and informal neighborhoods have the least access, exposing them to health risks such as parasitic and bacterial disease

+1000 deaths per year in children under 5 due to water-related infection

However, Mexico receives a ton of rain! And this is where Isla Urbana has created a way to capture this rainfall, sanitize it, and make it available for daily use. For $500-1000 per installation, Isla Urbana can create systems for homes, schools, and hospitals- changing communities and changing lives.

Pretty cool that just by drinking awesome tequila, we can play a small part in making this all happen. Still thirsty for more info, check the video out below:


Learn more at IslaUrbana.org and Compoveda.com

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