Spirits of Mexico Guide

Spirits of Mexico Guide

Sip Tequila is welcoming more spirits of Mexico to the club - Mezcal and Destilado de Agave! We’ve hand selected four expressions tailored to agave palates looking to explore new categories. From a traditionally smoky and fruity espadín to the pure agave flavor of a destilado de agave from the birthplace of Tequila, these are true expressions of the agaves and the land they’re grown in.

Not sure where to start or what to buy? We've created this quick guide to help you make your choice. And be sure to check out their product pages for more tasting notes and information about the brands.

La Luna Manso Sahuayo - Michoacan

La Luna Manso Sahuayo is light, with tropical fruit notes and very slight mesquite smoke on the finish. If you've experienced mezcal and are looking for a way to advance your palate with more vegetal and floral notes versus smokiness, this is a great sipper on a warm summer day.

Mezcal Derrumbes - Durango

Derrumbes Mezcal from the state of Durango is another approachable mezcal for those new to the category or a great exploration if you have and are looking to appreciate regionality in a spirit. It has warm sweetness, smoky citrus flavors and even hints of butter along the way.

Caballito Cerrero Azul Blanco 46 - Jalisco

Caballito Cerrero Azul Blanco 46 should be on the top of your list if you are a Tequila aficionado looking for a taste of the way things were done before even the establishment of the category of "Tequila." It's made with the same process of Tequila, without the name. This gives it all of the traditional agave flavors of a well made valley Tequila with additional vegetal notes, spicy citrus, and yeasty undertones. 

Real Minero Espadín - Oaxaca

Real Minero Espadín is beautiful example of the mezcal spirit, and chances are if you consider yourself a Oaxacan spirit aficionado, they're already on your radar. If you are new to the mezcal category, and enjoy medium smoke as well as notes of fresh berries, start here. 

Don Alberto Joven Mezcal 

Don Alberto Joven Mezcal is a modern mezcal, and works best for creating the mezcal cocktails you've been dreaming of at home. Try substituting it in for Tequila in a margarita and you'll end up with a smoky, sour delight. Neat, we'd recommend giving it a little chill or adding a single cube of ice.

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