Introducing our Curator's Collection - limited quantity announced monthly

Introducing our Curator's Collection - limited quantity announced monthly

SipTequila is on a mission to bring you rare, hard to find tequilas that you won't find everywhere. 

As part of our promise to bring boutique tequilas to our members, we will be introducing a new addition each month and making them available to our newsletter subscribers before the general public. As we discover gems, with unique stories and taste profiles vetted by our team and our collaborators, we will announce them via email with a special link to our members only. They will all be true sippers, and reflections of the place and process we care so deeply about. Our next item will be announced on February 4th- so stay tuned-- its unlike anything we’ve carried to date.

Because these items tend to be highly allocated, we will only have a few cases at a time, and in some cases, just a few bottles. Once they are gone, we will do our best to restock when we can, but appreciate your patience in the process.

What we can promise you is that they will all come with the SipTequila guarantee of superior product, and white glove service from your order to your door. If there is a brand or item you are looking for, shoot us a note at and we will be happy to see about stocking it for you.  

Salud, and happy sipping!

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