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Two Distillations

Two Distillations for Tequila
At least! By law, Tequila is required to pass through two distillations before bottled and shipped out. Before the first distillation, the juice is called mosto muerto and could be considered an agave beer or wine as its just completed fermentation. The ABV of mosto muerto usually comes to 3-5%. After the first distillation, the juice is called Ordinario and has a cloudy appearance to it since the liquid still contains many compounds that will be filtered out in the next round. The ABV here, in the Ordinario stage, has increased 4x to 5x a level around 20%. Finally, after the second distillation, we have Tequila. Tequila usually comes out of the still at an ABV of 50-60% and then water is added to dilute it down to bottle proof in most cases. Some brands have started bottling at still proof which is a wonderful treat for all of you agave lovers out there. Tequila right from the still at this higher percentage may have a little bit more bite but the flavors are often more complex with great depth.

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