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Cobalto Añejo TequilaCobalto Añejo Tequila
Cobalto Reposado TequilaCobalto Reposado Tequila
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Cobalto Blanco TequilaCobalto Blanco Tequila
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Cobalto Tequila Family CollectionCobalto Tequila Family Collection
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─ Behind the Brand ─

About Cobalto Tequila

Cobalto Organic Tequila is created at Destileria Casa De Piedra, in El Arenal, from valley agaves, using an organic yeast culture that grows natural in Weber Blue Agave. They are certified Organic by the USDA, Sagarpa in Mexico, and the European commission in addition to having their bioagricert.

While they are a relatively young brand when it comes to marketing to the US, the Tequila stunned us upon sampling. The profiles are clean and full of agave flavor, with a delicious slightly oily mouthfeel. While the hue of the the reposado and añejo may lead you to believe they are heavily oaked profiles, both are perfectly balanced between oak and loads of sweet, caramelized agave, cinnamon, and bits of pepper.

NOM: 1586 / Destileria Casa De Piedra
Location: El Arenal, Valley of Tequila, Jalisco
Agave: Valley of Tequila
Cooking: Stone Clay Oven
Milling: Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open air stainless steel tanks
Distillation: Double Distillation, Stainless steel pot stills