Extra Anejo Flight for Agave Purists

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Extra Anejo Flight for Agave Purists

Variant: 4 Bottles
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Why we love Extra Anejo Flight for Agave Purists

When I look at the range of the Tequila spectrum, I'm perpetually in awe of the diversity of flavors and aromas this craft, and its crafters have to offer, particularly when it comes to the ultra-aged expressions. Some barrels in Tequila are previously used from other aged spirit industries (wine, whiskey, rum, and so on) and thus, the liquid enters the barrel and time of rest not only to blend with the residuals of flavors of the previous spirit but also to see what the wood itself, has left. Other Maestro Tequileros and Tequileras prefer to source the barrels new, letting the agave and oak intertwine and develop together as vestal sources. Here in the flight of Extra Añejos, I believe we've laid out a map to show you what is possible when it comes to the aging of Tequilas from brand new French Oak barrels, blends from different ages, and the gentle modifications of flavors that come only from time in a previously used barrel.


4 Bottle Flight (all 750mL bottles):

  • 1 Volans Extra Añejo
  • 1 Rey Sol Extra Añejo 
  • 1 Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo 
  • 1 G4 Extra Añejo


6 Bottle Flight (all 750mL bottles):

  • 1 Volans Extra Añejo 
  • 1 Rey Sol Extra Añejo 
  • 1 Fuenteseca 7 Year Extra Añejo
  • 1 Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo
  • 1 Don Fulano Imperial Extra Añejo
  • 1 3-4-5 (Tres, Cuatro, Cinco) Extra Añejo 

Tasting Notes

Volans Extra Añejo

Aroma: sweet cooked agave, light oak, cinnamon, dried apricots

Palate: roasted agave, vanilla bean, lightly toasted oak, smoked almonds, black pepper, butterscotch

Finish: round and smooth with dry notes of pepper and oak on the tail end

Rey Sol Extra Añejo

Aroma: caramel, butterscotch, cooked agave, medium toasted oak, butter

Palate: dark chocolate, vanilla, cooked agave, oak, baking spices, creamy mouthfeel with a dry tannic finish

Finish: lasting and complex

Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo

Aroma: cooked agave, cognac, spicy-sweet oak, vanilla, caramel

Palate: dried cherries, dark chocolate, roasted agave, vanilla, salted caramel, peppery oak heat, chipotle peppers

Finish: velvety smooth approach with spicy heat familiar to cognac or scotch, careful with this one - very easy drinking, the whole bottle could be gone before you know it!

G4 Extra Añejo

Aroma: cooked agave, mild oak, vanilla bean, citrus oils

Palate: clean roasted agave, lightly toasted oak, blackberry preserves, white flowers, vanilla

Finish: warm, lasting notes of agave and spice linger

Fuenteseca 7 Year Extra Añejo

Aroma: cooked agave, cognac, oak, dried fruit

Palate: spicy sweet oak, caramel, cooked agave, vanilla, hints of black pepper, apricots, baking spices

Finish: spicy-sweet extra añejo with heavy oak, and a sweet dry finish

Don Fulano Imperial Extra Añejo

Aroma: coffee beans, leather, oak, tobacco, toasted nuts

Palate: very rich profile from oloroso sherry cask finishing, notes of dried apricots and stewed cherries backed with baking spices, and sweet notes of toffee and chocolate

Finish: long lasting, soft and ideal for a sipping tequila

3-4-5 (Tres, Cuatro, Cinco) Extra Añejo

Aroma: dark chocolate, warm earth, oak, caramel

Palate: blend of aged Tequilas, flavors of oak and a slight smokiness are front and center followed by notes of the richness of roasted coffee, agave, earth, caramel, and vanilla with a creamy, coating mouthfeel

Finish: lasting and developing, allowing this Tequila to rest in the glass for a few minutes will showcase a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas, enjoy slowly

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