La Luna Black Label Ensamble Cupreata Mezcal Bottle

La Luna Black Label Ensamble Cupreata Mezcal



Tasting Notes

About La Luna Mezcal

Produced in the verdant and mountainous regions of Michoacan, La Luna Mezcal highlights the craftsmanship of generations of family practices producing artisanal and ancestral mezcal. Michoacan is one of the most abundant states in Mexico, from the sandy coast to the peaks of the sierras, and is filled with tradition, culture, and history. 

Agaves, both wild, and semi-cultivated, grow at elevations over 2000 meters and are harvested under the full moon after reaching maturity. Piñas are roasted with estate sourced white oak in stone lined earthen pits and fermented in open-air wooden vats. La Luna uses traditional copper cazo and pinewood stills for Manso Sahuayo but also has vinatas using clay pot stills.

Proprietor Salvador Chavez, born in Michoacan, and raised as a teenager in Sonoma, California, returned to his family’s heritage and began importing and producing mezcal in 2017. His family produces mezcal and local cheeses, and helps oversee operations. La Luna strives for strong human impact in Michoacan by contracting with family growers of agave and contracting with mezcaleros for the portfolio. 

Why we love La Luna Black Label Cupreata Ensamble

  • Produced from both wild and cultivated agave, roasted for 90 hours and fermented for 120 hours
  • Clean, slightly smoky and backed with floral notes, citrus blossoms, and vanilla
  • High ABV at 46.12% / 92.26 Proof
  • Artisanal production using wild fermentation and traditional copper and pine stills
  • 750mL Bottle


Tasting Notes

Aroma: white flowers, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla 

Palate: tobacco, vanilla, light smoke, candied agave, limeade

Finish:  a touch of smoke with lots of fruitiness


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