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Los Altos Reposado Flight

Why we love this Tequila Flight

Three reposados all from the Los Altos region, each with slightly different appellations.  This is a great way to explore how the differences in techniques, raw agave, and aging correlate with differences in flavors between Tequilas being made just down the street from one another.  Siete Leguas comes from the town of Atotonilco, Ocho coming from the outskirts of Arandas, and Gran Dovejo also coming from Arandas, but on the other side of town. 

Siete Leguas Reposado

Aroma: cooked agave, toasted oak, sweet potato, baked apples

Palate: slightly spicy and sweet, well balanced blend of cooked agave, herbal qualities, and fresh citrus notes

Finish: full of agave flavor with oak spice on the finish

Ocho Reposado

Aroma: zesty green agave, mint, vanilla, orange blossom

Palate: a true bell curve of flavors starting with light caramel and cooked agave evolving to bruleed grapefruit, white pepper and milk chocolate, finishing with bright tones of lemon zest and ripe stone fruit

Finish: rich yet dry with lingering spices and tannins 

Gran Dovejo Reposado

Aroma: Forward aromatics of baking spices and cooked agave, with vanilla, pepper and light caramel rounding out the profile

Palate: Mild heat on the initial approach meets the sweet flavors from the aroma, with the addition of butterscotch, toast, vanilla bean, and a hint of smoke

Finish: Light, slightly tannic, and dry being lead by notes of cinnamon and spices 

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