NOM 1123 Flight

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NOM 1123 Flight

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Why we love NOM 1123 Flight

Take a trip to Guadalajara and on the shelves where one once found the staples of the Tequila brands, you’ll now find a small distillillery encroaching on their territory, bringing the up and coming Tapatios and Tapatias with them. Destileria Cascahuin, owned and operated by generations of the Rosales family and David Suro, is reaching back into its artisanal roots, focusing on raw, traditional flavors, and pure ingredients without the use of additives.

The profile of expressions is a direct representation of traditionally made agave spirit from the El Arenal region of Tequila, loved by aficionados as well as newcomers craving transparency and purity in their purchasing power. Now, not only producing for themselves, but for artisanal brands ArteNOM and Wild Common, the influence of the Rosales family extends beyond Guadalajara, into the United States and beyond.

We chose these three expressions from NOM 1123 to show the range of their production power. First, a distilled to proof blanco, 48% to be exact, from the house, unfiltered and undiluted before bottling - this is Tequila straight from the still, bright, strong, and exciting. Second, a blend of juices from a traditional method, using the tahona and cement fermentation, as well as a more modern method, bottled at 42% for Wild Common - clean, juicy, and full flavored. And lastly, a blanco rested in brandy casks that previously held Oaxacan mezcal for ArteNOM that is one of the most unique profiles out there today.



Tequila Included in Flight (all 750mL bottles):

  • 1 Cascahuin Plata 48 (92 Proof)
  • 1 Wild Common Blanco (84 Proof)
  • 1 ArteNOM 1123 Blanco (86 Proof) 


Tasting Notes

Cascahuin Plata 48

Aroma: mint, green agave, cilantro, raw walnuts

Palate: full mouth salinity and agave sweetness on the approach, followed by notes of freshly baked bread, thyme, peppercorns and underripe banana amargo

Finish: high proof makes this finish dry, and weighted at the same time. A lightly sweet honeyed mouthfeel is completed by a lip smacking herbal bouquet.

Wild Common Blanco

Aroma: strong cooked agave, wildflower honey, baked bread, fresh apricots, mandarins, peppercorn

Palate: cooked agave, deep minerality, savory herbs, sweet limes, bright white pepper spice, stone fruits

Finish: lasting and ever evolving salinity and citrus notes

ArteNOM 1123 Blanco

Aroma: roasted pineapple, warm butter, baking spices, smoked pepper, cider

Palate: hot cinnamon, black pepper, sweet potato, vanilla, licorice, almond, smoke

Finish: peppery and bright, lasting sweetness

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