Real Minero Espadin Mezcal

Real Minero Espadin Mezcal



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Why we love Real Minero Espadin Mezcal

  • Made by the Ángeles family in the mountain town of Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca
  • 51.1% ABV
  • Maduro en vidrio - resting in a glass bottle gives a very soft round profile to this authentic mezcal
  • Distilled in small delicate clay pots, wild fermentation in open wooden vats
  • Sustainably grown agave and production methods
  • Fruit forward with medium smoke, ideal for sipping in the summer heat
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Aroma: citrus, raspberries, fresh blueberries, meyer lemon, campfire

Palate: fruit pie, clay, smoked rhubarb, cooked agave, spearmint

Finish: clean and bright mouthfeel with a smoked fruit flavor lasting finish

About Real Minero

Real Minero has been made by the Ángeles family in the mountain town of Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca since the late 19th century. Now revered as a luxury, the family originally started secretly, producing Mezcal as a necessity. A “chore” evolved into craftsmanship and artistry, and now, Real Minero produces beautiful mezcals revered by all. The business is entirely family owned. The palenque was founded by now great-grandfather Don Francisco Ángeles, known locally as “Papá Chico”. Brother sister duo Edgar Angeles Carreño and Graciela Angeles Carreño run operations current day, taking over for their late father Don Lorenzo Ángeles Mendoza.

Real Minero runs an extremely reputable and intense program to maintain one of the world’s largest biodiverse sustainable agave reforestation projects where they focus primarily on the cultivation of agave from seed. They are also focused on the reforestation of the hardwoods they use to fire their ovens and stills.

In addition to their environmental focus, they are also continuously active and present in the local community, championing the historical taste and ways always. As the family saying and brand slogan at Real Minero states "Porque sólo lo autentico perdura…” meaning “Because only the authentic will endure”. The family built a library locally where previously there was none with the goal of fostering education and encouraging students to continue their studies beyond elementary school.

Additionally, it is worth noting that in the same nursery where the agave are grown, they cultivate medicinal herbs, fruit trees and ornamentals that anyone in the community can take home to plant.


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