Xiaman Mezcal

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Xiaman Mezcal

Sale price$199.00


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Location: San Tomás de Arriba, Oaxaca

Why we love Xiaman Mezcal

  • Manufactured using strictly “artesanal” processes - crushed by a tahona driven by a mule, fermented in wooden vats, and distilled in copper stills
  • A 50/50 blend of roasted Tepextate & Espadín blend which achieves a perfect balance, between the complex flavors the Tepextate provides, and the rich aroma from mature Espadin
  • Bottle designed by master artist Maurilio Rentería, each hand-painted, labelled, and finely frosted blown-glass bottle, crowned with a stopper covered in chaquira beads in the shape of a jaguar head, is a true work of art made by a group of Wixárica native artisans.
  • 88 Proof / 44% ABV / Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: floral notes, honey, slightly fruity and smoky

Palate: sweet baked apples, peppery heat, light touches of smoke

Finish: lasting and fruity

About the Brand

Crafted with an art handed down by five generations, this wild agave blend mezcal is a gift from ancient times.

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