Coffee and Tequila Pairings

Coffee and Tequila Pairings
I bought a coffee tree for my terrace last year and over the last few months, it bloomed and fruited - what do I do now?  I called up a friend in the coffee industry and she walked me through the steps of processing the beans from fruit so I can make my own cup.  What I learned?  Well, coffee and Tequila share a processing step: fermentation!   As we all know for Tequila, this is how we convert those inulin sugars over to alcohol, and for coffee, fermentation helps to break down the mucilage layer around the bean when separated from the fruit.  Most importantly, this step in the process of creating both of these famous vices is responsible for the flavor, body, and balance of the product that ends up in your cup.  

So, inspired by the collision of natural awe of two of my favorite beverages, I’ve lined up four Tequila and prepared coffee pairings for your enjoyment.  While I don’t know whether my home-harvested beans will end up tasting delicious, one thing for sure is that these pairings, do.


Cold brew + Wild Common Ensamble Mezcal
coffee and tequila pairings
Wild Common’s Ensamble Mezcal is refreshing and cool on the palate with just a touch of cream to it - a perfect sip to take after an active day on the water or on the slopes.  Pair a pour in a veladora with a icy cold brew and you’re set up for a well deserved rest, and the energy to get back out there!

Espresso + Lobos Reposado
coffee and tequila pairing
Whether it is a quick pick me up during cocktail hour, or enjoyed post dinner, espresso always tastes better when it’s alongside a glass of Tequila.  Lobos Reposado with its spicy sweet profile pairs well with a smoky, strong-pulled espresso, and even better if you add a twist for that citrus pop!

Latte + 123 Organic Reposado
coffee and tequila pairings
When I think of 123 Organic Reposado, first thing that comes to mind are the prominent notes of ripe bananas, toffee, and a touch of cream that back up the full flavored cooked agave backbone, so of course when it comes to pairing with coffee, a latte is your best bet.  Both are to be enjoyed leisurely, with a good book, or even better, conversation. 

Cappuccino + Komos Extra Añejo 
coffee and tequila pairings
Komos Extra Añejo has a powerful profile full of notes of citrus, toasted nuts, while still creating a smooth and enjoyable sipping experience and full bodied mouthfeel.  For this expression, a cappuccino is the right fit where the espresso is allowed to stand out and is delicately balanced by a small amount of cream, and a heaping of foam.  

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