Wild Common ensamble Mezcal

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Wild Common ensamble Mezcal

Sale price$69.00


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Location: San Luis Del Rio, Oaxaca
Master Distiller: Maestro Velasco

Why we love Wild Common ensamble Mezcal

  • Fruit and agave forward mezcal with bright notes and cool mouth feel to be appreciated by those new to the category as well as connoisseurs
  • Traditionally produced / Earthen Pit Cooked / Open air fermentation / Stone Tahona extraction
  • Created by Maestro Mezcalero Joel Velasco
  • 92 Proof / 46% ABV
  • NOM: 0363X / San Luis Del Río, Oaxaca
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: freshly prepared limonada, green agave, tropical fruits, coconut cream

Palate: white peaches, underripe kiwi, sweet limes, warm slate and wet earth, the mouthfeel invokes the feeling of a sip of cool well water on a warm day, finishes with bright notes of fresh mint and jasmine, leans more towards the fruity side of mezcal rather than smoke.

Finish: crisp and refreshing, evolves on the palate over time

About the Brand

Wild Common comes to the Sip Tequila portfolio with foundations on both sides of the Mexico-US border as a collaboration with Maestro Mezcalero Joel Velasco who hand-selects mature espadín and tobalá agave from his community in San Luis Del Río, Oaxaca, and owner and founder, Andy Bardon, contributing National Geographic photographer and athlete, of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

For this expression, to counter a growing and worrisome problem in mezcal involving the over harvest of wild agaves, endangered and close to extinction, Wild Common has committed only working with cultivated agaves endemic to the villages of the producers. In addition, for every agave harvested, a 2 year old agave is given back to the Maestro Mezcalero to be replanted in the community to complete the cycle of sustainability, tradition, and transparency.

A portion of each sale goes towards an extensive greenhouse initiative in Oaxaca where agaves are cultivated from seed to be dispersed across the state and other social initiatives improving the quality of life in rural Mexico.

The commitment to sustainability, tradition, and transparency from Cascahuín has earned them a place in the hearts of agave connoisseurs as well as new consumers, and with Wild Common, they will do it again. The brand's slogan “Nothing Added, Nothing Lost” represents the traditional methods used in creating the mezcal, and the standards upheld by the team for the spirits in their portfolio as a whole.

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