Meet Yéyo Tequila

Yeyo Tequila


Yéyo was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create a perfect Tequila. A unique blend of the finest natural grown blue de agave, hand-selected from the Highlands in Jalisco, Mexico.

The Yéyo process: Harvest. Roast. Serenade. Refine. Sip. Repeat.

100% Estate Grown Agave, Free of Pesticides, Fertilizer & Additives.

Small Family Owned distillery with less than a dozen active brands made at NOM 1414.

Fermented with Classical Music using a blend of organic champagne yeast. Yes, you read that right. They play Classical Music during the fermenting process. This relaxes both the yeast and the distiller, making happy tequila!

Packaging and branding is not traditional like most tequila brands. Surveys and round table discussions drives most decisions on the Yéyo brand - From the taste profile to the design elements.

The attention to the small details have been applied to the Yéyo brand and they are always improving and evolving.

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