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Yéyo Tequila, crafted in Arandas' red clay soils, emerged from founder Jon Bullinger’s vision and partnership with the Vivanco Family and renowned Master Distiller Sergio Cruz, balancing pepper, sweetness, and spice in every bottle.


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─ Behind the Brand ─

About Yeyo Tequila

At Yéyo, our passion for crafting the finest tequila is matched only by our dedication to the traditions that have defined our approach since the beginning. Born from the dream of delivering an unparalleled tequila experience, we blend a deep respect for craftsmanship with a commitment to sustainability and quality.

From the sun-soaked fields of Arandas, Jalisco, we hand-select only the most mature agave plants from the estate of the Vivanco family, renowned for their dedication to agriculture free from pesticides and fertilizers. Our tequila's journey begins with a slow 53+ hour roast in traditional brick ovens, unlocking deep, rich flavors followed by over 190+ hours of fermentation to the soothing sounds of classical music, enhancing the mellow notes of our spirit.

Yéyo is double-distilled in copper stills and verified additive-free by Tequila Matchmaker, utilizing just three simple ingredients: agave, champagne yeast, and deep well water. This meticulous process ensures a tequila that is not only smooth and rich, perfect for sipping, but also bold in character, enhancing any cocktail.

The legacy of Yéyo is intertwined with Master Distiller Sergio Cruz and the Vivanco family, who have tended their agave plantations for five generations. Since 1994, when they realized their dream with Destilería El Ranchito, they have continued to push the boundaries of tequila-making by marrying tradition and innovation. This dedication to the art is palpable in every bottle of Yéyo, a tequila made for aficionados who appreciate the love, travel, family, and experience poured into every drop

NOM: 1414
Location: Arandas, Jalisco
Master Distiller: Sergio Cruz
Agave: Los Altos de Jalisco
Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens
Milling: Roller Mill
Fermentation: 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks, Classical music, Champagne Yeast
Distillation: Copper Pot