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Don Fulano’s roots start back in the mid 1800’s as the first of the Fonseca family made their way to the highland town of Atotonilco, as descendants of Portuguese immigrants where they became well known farmers. In the late 1800’s they expanded their agricultural endeavors and began planting agave to supply some of the first Tequila distillers in the region.


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─ Behind the Brand ─

About Don Fulano

To this day, Enrique Fonseca is one of the largest landowners of agave in all of Jalisco. In the 1980’s the family expanded their agave empire from being farmers, to also owning a distillery by purchasing the well-known La Tequileña in the heart of the town of Tequila. Although Enrique’s skills in cultivating agave were some of the best, he knew that just because he grew agave, didn’t mean that the ability to make quality Tequila came along with it. Not finding much support within the Tequila community in Jalisco, Enrique instead chose to study from different distillers in Europe - learning the importance of the creation of wine as a spirit base in France, and gaining key knowledge about different styles of stills and distillation in Scotland.

Enrique Fonseca began experimenting with aging extra añejo tequilas back in the early 2000’s and not only varies the time the tequila rest, but the types of barrels and altitudes in which they rest. From the traditional American and French oak barrels to used bourbon casks, or wine barrels, Enrique has created some of the most unique aged tequilas available.

Enrique Fonseca and Sergio Mendoza are 4th and 5th generation agave growers and 30+ year distillers, and we are so happy to welcome this heritage Tequila brand to the Sip Tequila portfolio.

NOM: 1146 / La Tequileña
Location: Tequila, Jalisco
Agave: Los Altos
Cooking: Autoclave
Milling: Screw Press
Fermentation: Open air, stainless steel tanks 30% with fiber, 70% without fiber
Distillation: 80-85% Copper Alembic Still, 15-20% Double Column Copper Coffey Still