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El Gran Legado Blanco TequilaEl Gran Legado Blanco Tequila

─ Behind the Brand ─

About El Gran Legado

Created at the Cascahuin distillery (NOM 1123), El Gran Legado uses mature agaves grown in Michoacán that are are cooked via steam injection in the traditional stone ovens for 3 days and then given an extra day to cool down before being crushed on the distillery's roller mill.

Fermentation occurs in open air stainless tanks before the double distillation begins. The first distillation happens in Cascahuin's stainless steel alembic still with a copper coil and the second distillation takes place in the copper alembic with copper coil, ultimately releasing the Tequila at to 55% ABV.

Proofed with the deep well water on site, the Tequila stabilizes for 15-30 days in stainless tanks before being bottled and labeled by hand.

NOM: 1123 / Cascahuin
Location: El Arenal, Valley of Tequila, Jalisco
Agave: Michoacan
Cooking: Stone Clay Oven
Milling: Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open air stainless steel tanks
Distillation: Double Distillation, Stainless steel stills with copper coils, copper stills