Penta Tequila

The name “Penta” meaning “five” in Spanish pays homage to five friends, the five noble grapes of the wine world, as well as the five states in which Tequila can be made in Mexico.


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Penta Reposado
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Penta Diamante Reposado CristalinoPenta Diamante Reposado Cristalino
Penta Anejo
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Penta Blanco
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─ Behind the Brand ─

About Penta Tequila

In 2015, Steve Reynolds, winemaker at Reynolds Family Winery in Napa, C.A. and Executive Producer of Agave: Spirit of a Nation, along with Mark Davidowski(owner of Vangone Estate and founder of Meritage Wine Market), Shawn Gutterson (founder of Freedom Estate Wine), Ron Davidowski(founder of Vangone Vineyards, a Napa vineyard growing Bordeaux varietal grapes and previous owner of Meritage Wine Market), and Sean Thomas (founder of Thomas Knoll Winery, a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon producer) - all tequila-obsessed friends in Napa’s wine business joined together with the goal of creating ultra-premium tequilas using winemaking techniques, not typically used in the tequila making process.

The Penta team utilizes agave from all 5 states where agave for Tequila can be grown, and artisanal well water at the distillery in Arandas throughout the entire process. During fermentation, the mosto is transformed with either champagne or Tequila yeast depending on the batch, and then goes on to distillation using both stainless steel and copper. When the Tequilas are ready to be aged, they make the journey to a mix of new and seasoned barrels made of French, American, and Hungarian Oak.