Cardenxe Sotol de Desierto

Cardenxe Sotol de Desierto



About Cardenxe Sotol

Cardenxe Sotol is a terroir-inspired premium craft spirit, distilled from the heart of the Dasylirion plant, in Northern Mexico - where it holds a Denomination of Origin.  Each label honors a different environment in which the plants are grown. Different winds & soil, methods, cultures and climates influence the sotol, and as such Cardenxe aims to explore the unique profiles of each region.

Why we love Cardenxe Sotol del Desierto 

  • Made in Coyame, Chihuahua
  • 100% Sotol Blend (’Ensamble’): Dasylirion Cedrosanum, D. Texanum, D. Berlandieri
  • Double Gold winner at the 2022 Sip Awards
  • Silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Sweet and mineraly with bright vegetal notes 
  • 90 proof / 45% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: highly aromatic, floral, cooked agave sweetness

Palate: sweet agave and drying minerality with touches of earth, wood, and dark chocolate, some very green vegetal notes, medium bodied

Finish: smooth with lingering vegetal notes and light sweetness