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Cava de Oro Anejo


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About Cava de Oro Tequila

100% Blue Weber agave; cooked in brick ovens, pressed with a roller mill and fermented in stainless steel tanks, and rested in French Oak barrels.

Why we love Cava de Oro Añejo Tequila

  • Rested for 2.5 years in American and French Oak red wine barrels.
  • This Añejo Tequila from Cava de Oro is smooth, sweet, and easy to drink. 
  • While sweet and smooth, cooked agave flavors are still very evident, and we love the notes of ripe red fruit the wine barrel aging imparts. 
  • 100% Blue Weber agave/ fermented in stainless steel tanks
  • Created by Master Distiller Alberto Partida
  • 80 proof / 40% ABV
  • NOM: 1477 / Tequilera Puerta de Hierro / El Arenal, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Tasting Notes

Aroma: oak, agave, vanilla, caramel, light nutmeg, dried fruit
Palate: with a mild touch of heat, the flavor expands revealing a complex number of toasted oak flavors, honey, maple syrup, rounded byt hints of chocolate and ripe red fruit
Finish: soft, and smooth, lingers on the palate for a pleasant amount of time.

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