Compoveda Reposado Single Barrel 750ml

Compoveda Reposado Single Barrel 750ml



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About the Brand

Why we love Compoveda Single Barrel Cabernet Cask Reposado

  • Total aging of 11 months: 8 months in American oak barrels and finished for 3 months in California Cabernet wine barrels 
  • Finishing casks are 228 liter that previously held Cabernet Sauvignon from the  well-respected Stags Leap Winery in Napa Valley California
  • Casks originally imported from Tonnellerie Allary in Archiac, France, made with the top 5% of the extra fine, clear, extra tight grain oak hand selected by Jacky & Gauthier Allary.  Seasoned in the unique micro climate of Archaic with three generations of savoir-faire and the respect for the art for the tradition behind it.  Casks are made in limited quantities.
  • Higher proof reposado bottled at 44% ABV / 88 proof
  • Limited release 2021 vintage
  • Created by Master Distiller Sixto Verá García
  • NOM: 1068 / Agroindustria Guadalajara / Capilla de Guadalupe, Los Altos, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Aroma: Cooked agave, vanilla bean, toasted oak, dried cranberries.

Palate: Caramelized cooked agave with a backbone of cranberries, followed by a spicier oak influence due to higher proof and wood contact, buttery cream on the middle of the palate leading to a long finish.

Finish: Lasting and pleasantly evolving as the Tequila is allowed to rest in the glass.

About Compoveda

Compoveda is Tequila for people who thought they’d never love Tequila. For sipping, not shooting. For sharing and for celebrating. Compoveda ages in French and American Oak red wine barrels from California. Medium bodied, with notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, and hints of red jammy fruit.


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