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Ranch Water Flight

Why we love this Tequila Flight

2021 is the year of keeping it simple and delicious, especially when making Tequila cocktails.  Enter the Ranch Water - 2oz of premium blanco Tequila over ice, squeeze of lime(or lemon), and fill the rest of the glass with Topo Chico.  These selections from our portfolio keep it light and fresh, while showcasing different flavors from excellent producers.  

Mijenta Blanco

Aroma: white flowers, peaches, vanilla, caramel, pepper

Palate: summer melon, honey, cinnamon, cooked agave, white pepper, butter

Finish: generous round finish marked with the dry heat of baking spices

Yeyo Blanco

Aroma: citrus, green agave, slight salinity

Palate: peppery approach followed by citrus flowers and cooked agave, clean mouthfeel 

Finish: medium bodied and herbaceous

Solento Blanco

Aroma: At first approach we find vanilla, followed by aromas of warm straw, and notes of sweet key lime at the end.
Palate: The clean, organic process shows in this blanco, leading with green agave, sweet citrus blossoms, pepper, and herbal bouquets.
Finish: Finish is bright and a mouth-coating, lip-smacking oiliness that lingers.

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