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Volans Blanco


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NOM #1579 

  • Blue Weber Agave matched with a blend of rain, spring, & well water.
  • 100% additive free; there is no added glycerine, flavors, colors, aromas, or any other chemicals.
  • Cooked for 22 hours at 94 degrees, then cooled for another 24-36 hours. 
  • Aerated and oxygenated for smoother finish; this process helps
    evaporate the less desirable compounds in the tequila and bring
    out a truly clean & smooth finish
  • Mineral aroma and flavor that this distillery is known for, along with
    citrus and floral aromas that you;d expect in a blanco
  • The shining star here though is the agave-- it lingers in the taste and finish, making this very easy to sip straight 

Bottle size: 750ml

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