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Volans Reposado


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About Volans Tequila

Named after the constellation of the flying fish, Volans Tequila has truly found its place amongst the stars in the world of Tequila, and in the Sip Tequila portfolio.  Volans is made at the El Pandillo Distillery in Jesus Maria, Jalisco by Master Distiller Felipe Camarena using highland agave from the local areas of Los Altos, grown at 6,800 feet in altitude. Important to the flavor and methodology in making Volans is the water source used in the process.  El Pandillo harvests rainwater, in addition to sourcing water from a deep well, and local natural spring.

Why we love Volans Reposado

  • Lightly rested less than one year in American white oak bourbon barrels
  • Full of roasted agave sweetness backed with oak and minerality, a touch of fruit, pepper, and salinity
  • Made from a blend of rain, spring, and well water
  • 100% agave, Verified Additive Free by Tequila Matchmaker
  • Produced by fourth-generation Master Distiller Felipe Camarena
  • NOM 1579 / El Pandillo Distillery / Jesus Maria, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Aroma: light notes of caramel, agave, fresh pear, and spices
Palate: cooked agave honey backed with minerality, stone fruit, black pepper, light coffee and oak notes
Finish: smooth and round, slightly dry but honeyed

Learn more about Volans Tequila here.

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