Joven Tequila

Joven Tequila

Joven or Oro Tequilas

Name the 4 types of tequila… blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequila, right? 

While those are the categories of tequilas that get most of the limelight, there technically is a fifth category of tequila that is recognized by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila or CRT, which is the governing body of the tequila industry.

Joven or Gold Tequilas are an interesting category because there is a wide definition of what they can be comprised of.

At its very basic definition, a Joven Tequila is a blanco tequila blended with aged tequilas.

While a Gold Tequila is often a mixto tequila that is an “Abocado”: a tequila that has not rested in wood but instead has had caramel color, oak natural extract, glycerin, and/or sugar syrup added to make it appear as though it has.

A little confusing right? Stay with me here...

Casa Dragones is an example of a 100% agave Joven Tequila made from blanco tequilas blended with 5 year extra añejo tequilas. This is considered world-wide as a sipping Tequila. 

Jose Cuervo Gold, or Sauza Gold, is also a Joven tequila called a Gold Tequila which is a mixto tequila, likely with all of those additives in it… that’s why your head will hurt so badly the next day. This is NOT considered a sipping Tequila.

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