Flecha Azul

Co-founders and long-time friends Aron Marquez and Abraham Ancer shared a strong passion for tequila. They wanted to create an elegant brand that honored their Mexican heritage and tasted incredible.

Marquez met Ancer while attending a PGA Tour Pro-Am Tournament. The two quickly became friends and began looking for opportunities to become business partners. Both Marquez and Ancer have a strong passion for their Mexican heritage and shared a passion for tequila. A few years later, the idea was born.

Tequila for Flecha Azul is made at the Orendain distillery in the town of Tequila.  The name itself holds significance, the word “Flecha” translates to “arrow.” An arrow can only be shot and propelled forward when pulled backward. This concept defines Marquez’s and Ancer’s lives. Both rooted in humble beginnings, Marquez and Ancer are a true testament to the American Dream.

Marquez, who immigrated from Mexico, is now the CEO of an industry-leading oil company, Wildcat Oil Tools. Ancer, raised in Mexico, is currently ranked the #1 Mexican golfer in the world.  The brand is also backed by Mark Wahlberg

Today, the two have pursued a passion for their Mexican heritage and undeniable love for tequila through Flecha Azul Tequila. Their tequila company is one of the few Mexican-owned, and authentically operated tequila brands in the world.


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