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G4 Reposado


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G4 Reposado:
Created by Felipe Camarena, G4 (four generations) is a tequila distilled at El Pandillo Distillery in Jesús María, Jalisco (Nom #1579).
The agaves are cooked in one of two stone ovens on site for 22 hours and crushed in a handmade metal tahona nicknamed "Felipestein" (Frankestein). It is distilled in copper stills for both distillations.
The water used to create the tequila is a 50/50 mix of collected rainwater and spring water. Their reposado is aged for six months in used bourbon barrels.
  • Nose: Cooked agave, oak, black pepper, heat
  • Taste: Cooked agave, oak, vanilla, and black pepper- though milder than on the nose
  • Finish: Light, but long and smooth with notes of warm spice
  • NOM #1579
  • 100% Blue Weber Agave
  • 40% ABV

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