Komos Añejo Cristalino Bottle

Komos Anejo Cristalino 1.75L



About Tequila Komos

Tequila Komos is made at the Orendain distillery in the town of Tequila and utilizes primarily wine barrels, for their ultra luxury aged Tequila expressions.  All of the expressions  are gently aerated in greek wine amphorae, tying the Mediterranean focus of the brand, back to the process itself.  Each of the beautiful opaque ceramic bottles is handmade to preserve the aromas and flavors inside of it. Tequila Komos has partnered with Casa Orendain in 2021 to launch an environmental stewardship project aimed at creating positive impact  on the well-being of the communities in Jalisco and beyond. 

Why we love Tequila Komos Añejo Cristalino

  • Aged for a minimum of 1 year in French oak white wine barrels
  • Dripped through a charcoal column after aging to remove impurities and resulting in a smooth and crystal clear Añejo
  • Handmade, opaque, blue ceramic bottle
  • 80 proof / 40% ABV
  • NOM: 1110 / Tequila Orendain de Jalisco / Tequila, Jalisco
  • Bottle Size: 1.75L

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