Komos Family Collection

Komos Family Collection

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Tasting Notes

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1x Rosa Reposado
1x Anejo Cristalino
1x Extra Anejo

Tequila Komos Extra Añejo Tasting Notes

Aroma: creamy cooked agave, toasted oak, hints of sweet tobacco and smoke, caramel
Palate: cooked agave, vanilla, citrus peel, toasted oak, pecans, caramel
Finish: rich and lasting, lingering and evolving on the palate

Tequila Komos Reposado Rosa Tasting Notes

Aroma: very aromatic, notes of agave, floral vanilla, and spice
Palate: ripe red fruits, slight salinity giving it a welcoming mouthfeel, cooked agave backed with hints of florality, vanilla, and citrus
Finish: Lasting, warm and quite enjoyable

Tequila Komos Añejo Cristalino Tasting Notes

Aroma: dried fruits, lemon cake, slight oak and agave
Palate: sweet cooked agave, dark chocolate, pink peppercorns, buttery roundness
Finish: Lasting and complex


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