Complete Guide to Añejo Tequila

Complete Guide to Añejo Tequila

Every liquor connoisseur knows that not all Tequilas are created equal. What might be surprising is that when we dive in to the aged expressions, Tequilas are even more complex than bourbon or even scotch. But when it comes to savoring the best that the industry has to offer, there is no better Tequila than añejo.

Añejo Tequila is a sophisticated distilled spirit that is a symphony of complex flavors. It is considered to be the best variation of Tequila available for brown spirits drinkers due to its extended aging time, sometimes even in vessels that once held a whiskey. Learn more about what makes añejo a pour above the rest.

What is Añejo Tequila?

On the surface, the biggest difference between the styles of Tequila is their color and name. However, their individual distinctions are unveiled as you start appreciating the aromas and flavors. 

Like other quality Tequila, any bottle of añejo you'll find on Sip is created using 100% blue agave and aged at least 1 year in barrels. Here's what makes añejo unique.

  • Age: To be classified as an añejo, a Tequila must age for at least one year and can be aged up to three years in an oak barrel. In some instances, aged Tequilas are regarded as the best of their kind. The longer a spirit ages, the more it changes to showcase new flavors and colors.
  • Color: After reaching maturity inside the barrel, an añejo Tequila will take on a light amber hue and even grow as dark as caramel. The color of an añejo perfectly reflects its flavor profile.
  • Flavor: Most añejo Tequilas are stored in American or French oak barrels. This choice allows the Tequila to adopt warm notes of vanilla, honey and caramel. However, sometimes they will be aged in former bourbon barrels, and will have a much different flavor as a result.

Top 2 Anejo Tequila Brands

Top 3 Añejo Tequila Brands

You can easily find añejo Tequila brands in our portfolio that can serve your needs whether that is sipping it near or serving on the rocks.

Mijenta Añejo

Nothing brings together family and friends quite like the taste of Mijenta Añejo. Inspired by the phrase "my people", Mijenta Añejo is aged in American white oak, French oak, French acacia and cherry wood for 18 months. The soft base that accentuates the sweet flavors comes from a triple distilling process with hints of vanilla and toasted oak.

As you raise a glass of Mijenta for the first taste, you'll notice an aroma of cooked agave, caramel and hints of coffee and dark chocolate. The flavors of Mijenta feature sweet notes of vanilla, toffee and dried cranberries with hints of soft oak and caramelized agave.

Cascahuín Añejo

Cascahuín añejo is a blend of sweet and spicy flavors that seem to melt in your mouth. Cascahuín añejo comes from the Rosales Family and David Suro's dream to return to the traditional roots of Tequila's pure ingredients and raw flavors. Reducing the additives in this mixture brings the true taste of authentic Tequila right to your table. 

Cascahuín is aged 14 to 16 months in American oak barrels. The final product has an aroma of toasted oak, honey, dried flowers, cooked agave and orange pith. As you enjoy the sweet finish, you'll notice hints of licorice, agave and herbal notes. 

El Tequileño Añejo

In honor of those who love the taste of Tequila, El Tequileño brings the finest Tequila flavors right to your table. In 1959, Don Jorge Salles Cuervo created El Tequileño with a simple vision that has passed down to his grandson.

The El Tequileño Añejo features the fragrance of orange peels, vanilla, honey and faint leather. Every sip has an intriguing melody of cooked agave, pink peppercorns, dried apples and cherries, butterscotch and vanilla. The final layer of the El Tequileño Añejo sipping experience is a spicy finish of dry and black pepper.

How to Drink Añejo Tequila

Most people pair Tequila with a sugary mixer that completely changes or camouflages the natural flavors that make añejo so beloved. While many Tequila enthusiasts believe that añejo should be enjoyed as-is, there are other ways to bring out the rich flavors found in añejo.

On the Rocks

A generous pour and a few ice cubes are all you need to appreciate a well-made añejo. As the ice chills the Tequila to the perfect temperature, each sip will deepen the smooth caramel and vanilla finish that makes añejo so enjoyable.

Add in a drop or two of agave syrup and a lime wedge or orange slice to transform your drink into a refreshing citrus experience. The acidity will mellow the liquor while elevating the palate.

Añejo Old Fashioned

While it may seem unconventional to replace a bourbon-based cocktail with Tequila, añejo is the exception to standard mixing practices. 

To create this drink, muddle a quarter ounce of agave nectar with an orange peel and a dash of Angostura bitters in a mixing glass. Pour in three ounces of añejo and fill the glass with ice. 

Añejo Manhattan

Spice up your classic Manhattan cocktail with the fine taste of Añejo Tequila. Sweet hints of vanilla and caramel combine with the savory flavor of the Tequila, and you have an impressive combination of tastes right at your fingertips. 

To create an Añejo Manhattan, you can build a typical Manhattan cocktail with an ounce of sweet vermouth, a few dashes of bitters and cherry. Instead of whiskey, add one to two ounces of Añejo Tequila. Gently stir in vermouth, bitters and Tequila and pour into a chilled glass with a cherry in it. This simple upgrade to a cocktail offers a mixture of fine flavors. 

Bes Food Pairings With Añejo Tequila

Añejo's tend to be strong and full of bold flavors, so it should be paired with foods that are just as rich and brazen. The best foods to pair with añejo include:

  • Dark chocolate: For a sweet and intriguing treat, try sampling a square or two of dark chocolate with a glass of chilled añejo. Dark chocolate is filled with deep flavors of fruit and spice, making it the perfect partner for añejo Tequila.
  • Spiced meats: Juicy red meats that are seasoned with fragrant herbs will bring out the natural smoke and oak flavors that make añejo so enjoyable.
  • Charred vegetables: Seared or charred vegetables take on a texture and scent that complement the earthy palate of añejo Tequila.
Browse Sip Tequila's Anejo Tequilas

Browse Our Añejo Tequilas

When you want an elevated sipping experience, you can never go wrong with a quality artisan-made añejo Tequila. At Sip Tequila, we partner with the most esteemed brands to deliver the best Tequila straight to your door. 

Browse our extensive collection of fine añejo Tequilas and place your order today!

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