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Mosto Vivo
Meet your good friend in the Tequila making process, Mosto Vivo! Mosto Vivo what we call the a...
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Rey Sol Tequila
Rey Sol - An Extra Añejo Tequila from Casa San Matias
Just outside of the town of Tepatitlan, down an inconspicuous ...
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Fuenteseca Tequila
Fuenteseca - A Tequila with Nothing but Time
Fuenteseca Tequila - A Tequila with No...
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Tequila Pairings
The Perfect Sip: Extra Anejo Tequila Pairings
A question I often get asked at the end of a tasting featuring...
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Blue Agave
Tequila and Terrior
Terroir - You may be used to hearing this word in relation to ...
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The Different Types of Tequila
The Different Types of Tequila
Different Types of Tequila Each type of Tequila varie...
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