Codigo 1530 Reposado

Codigo 1530 Reposado



Tasting Notes

About the Brand

Why we love Código 1530 Reposado

  • Rested for 6 months in Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels
  • Great choice for tequila-drinking whiskey fans
  • As a lightly rested Tequila, it is also ideal for cocktails like the Hombre Old Fashioned
  • NOM 1616 / Varo Destileria / Amatitan, Jalisco
  • 80 proof / 40% ABV
  • Bottle Size: 750mL

Aroma: cooked agave, toasted oak, orange peel, vanilla

Palate: slight hints of tobacco followed by cooked agave, toasted oak, caramel and vanilla

Finish: tannic dryness with a medium finish

About Código 1530

Tequila Código 1530 comes to the Sip Tequila portfolio from the town of Amatitán in the valley region of Jalisco. Amatitán in particular is known for its earthy, rich, and herbal leaning Tequila profiles and Código holds true to this tradition. The expressions in Código’s lineup are aged in carefully sourced French White Oak barrels previously used in the Napa Valley of California, namely the Rosa with its pink hues from 1 months time in barrel, are a fantastic balance of sweetness and vegetal notes of cooked agave, and the subtle notes of oak and red fruits of the wine barrels.

Código 1530 is a special project from former CEO of Crocs, Ron Snyder and Federico “Fede” Vaughan with financial backing from country superstar George Strait, retired NHL star Brett Hull, and former NFL coach Mike Shanahan.


At Sip Tequila, each bottle is handpicked to meet the highest of quality standards and authenticity.


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